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Simple Guides How to Choose Crystals for Beginners

Simple Guides How to Choose Crystals for Beginners

Aug 24, 2022

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Starting your collection of crystals can be intimidating at first. There are tons of different gemstones with different properties and different healing benefits. Let's get down to the basics first, so you choose the first few crystals to start your journey.

The crystals are composed of atoms in orderly repeating patterns. More than a thousand crystals are known to the universe, and all these possess different characteristics.

How do I choose a crystal?

Crystals are differentiated by their chemical composition, physical property, healing benefit, and the Chakra they resonate. 

The shape of the crystal can also influence how you receive energy from these gems.


  1. Wands or Points

This crystal shape has a single pointed head at one end used in healing and meditation. Write your mantra or affirmation on a piece of paper and place the crystal on top facing upward. The energy of the wand is projected towards the universe.  

  1. Clusters

The clusters are formed when a group of crystals joined together. These are perfect for cleansing an atmosphere of a room and bringing unity to a place.

  1. Tumbled stones

These are small crystals perfect for carrying them everywhere. Tumbled stones help you connect with the energy of a crystal all day.

  1. Heart

This crystal shape is not naturally occurring. They are polished to this shape. This crystal is perfect for cleansing and activating the heart chakra.

  1. Cubes

The crystal cubes are perfect for meditation and if you want a dose of grounding energy in your aura, then this is a good choice.


The chakra you wish to heal and cleanse will also play a vital role in choosing the right crystal.

Root Chakra is the centre of manifestation. Cleansing this chakra will help you make things happen for you to succeed. The crystals associated with the Root Chakra are colours Red and Black, which give you a feeling of passion and stability, respectively.


The Sacral Chakra governs people's happiness, pleasure, and passion for love. The colour of the crystal that resonates with this chakra is orange, which brings creativity and wisdom.


Solar Plexus Chakra stimulates self-worth and confidence. It is the centre of personal power and resonates best with yellow crystal, which helps with your thought and intellect.


The Heart Chakra is the centre of compassion and unconditional love. Choose a green or pink crystal to manifest healing, acceptance, and love.


Throat Chakra gives you the ability to express yourself and communicate your thoughts. As the centre of communication, blue crystals resonate with this chakra to stimulate knowledge and freedom.


The Third Eye Chakra allows you to move beyond the worldly desires and opens your consciousness. Choose an indigo crystal to stimulate your attainment of spiritual purpose and eliminate selfish tendencies.


Crown Chakra is the centre of spirituality and enlightenment. This highest chakra represents your visions and is best paired with violet and white crystals to encourage connection with the divine and purity.

Bottom line?

Crystals have different energies that's why it's essential to understand the match your intentions with your chosen crystal.. And for our last tip, let your intuition guide your decision-making process.