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Hello there,

London Gemstore was born in the times of the global pandemic, where many tragedies have happened. We wanted to bring something good out of this dismal. The experiences have demystified our actual human values and priorities. The pursue of sustainable happiness should always be within and in the energy levels. There are no better ways than relying on mother earth. It creates such beautiful ways to achieve our goals, and historically, naturally occurring crystals have had enormous value in civilisation due to their hidden powers. Either crystals that lived in royal chambers in the palaces or crystals hung on the boney neck of street dwellers have healed and cherished. We believe that just in possession of a crystal, its energy radiates within your environment and makes the place more pleasant, harmonious, and cosy. Everyone should try it!

We have all our crystals are ethically sourced and fair trade, in addition our collections stocks are in the heart of London and we dispatch directly from here. 

Thank you for visiting us, and we hope the experience at London Gemstore was anything short of excellent. We are very grateful for your support.