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6 Techniques How to Cleanse Your Crystals

6 Techniques How to Cleanse Your Crystals

Aug 23, 2022

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Crystals are a powerful tool for changing your life. They can help you focus, feel calm, and increase your energy. Here are the simple guides on how you properly cleanse your crystals.

Moon bath

Line up your crystals where the moon light’s hit them. Use the full moon to release energy and the new moon to absorb energy growth.



Clear stagnant energy with lunar and solar eclipse to recharge with a whole new energy. Line them up your window where the light will hit them. Make sure that crystals charged under solar eclipse aren’t light sensitive.


Salt water

This method helps rid the crystal of unwanted energy. Leave the crystal in salt water overnight but make sure they’re safe under salt water first!



Sage is the most popular herb to use and works perfectly for purification. When smudging your crystals, do it outdoors to ensure that negative energy diffuse somewhere else.


Singing bowl

Using sound to cleanse your crystal is fast and effective. Place your crystal beside the singing bowl and strike your mallet clockwise around the singing bowl to perpetuate a ringing sound.



Burying your crystal under the soil re-grounds and drives negative energy away. Leave them for 24 hours and for not more than three days under the soil.