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Common Questions

What is your delivery policy?

Please check our shipping policy for details.

Do you offer international delivery?

We are used to shipping worldwide routinely and if you are outside of mainland UK. For more detail please refer to our shipping policy for more. We do not charge, or add any profit, for this service, you pay shipping at cost.

Do you offer a money back guarantee?

We send out products everyday and if you are not totally thrilled with your purchase or if it has been damaged in transit to you, we offer a full money back guarantee. Just contact us or to arrange your return, replacement or full refund.

How do I know it’s genuine?

All our products are genuine and we try our best to clarify the compositions as accurately as possible based on our knowledge. As crystal knowledge is endless and of course if we miss something or in accuracy of the crystal powers we are happy to receive your comments and knowledge. Please share and educate us.

Is it legal?

Any crystals or rock samples that appear on our site are legally sourced and we treasure our reputation to the highest level. Hence, we DO NOT have any items which is out of our UK jurisdiction.

How do I know its real?

As crystal market becomes popular, of course it is sometime hard to distinguish between real and faked one. To identify there are various techniques ,tools and common knowledge that will help one to navigate. There are number of avenues that you can dig down to research and learn about those knowledges of crystal identifications and testing. In our collection, we take extra measures to give you the most correct information about each crystals, so you don't need to worry.

How can I contact for further information?

We are happy to assist you in any other capacities please let us know in here and we will try our best to come back to you with the earliest opportunity.